Cinque terre sciacchettrà, vino dolce ligure
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Sciacchetrà : The Golden Wine of 5 Lands

The National Park of 5 Terre is an experience for the eyes, heart and palate … planted with vines overlooking the sea of 5 Terre produce Sciacchetrà.

The Sciacchettrà (or Schiacchetrà for some), whose production is permitted only in certain municipalities of the province of La Spezia, is a sweet golden wine with a bright amber color, which tends to reddish hues with the passing of the years.

The scent is very intense with scents of orange, hazelnut and fig trees … the flavor instead tastes sweet but not cloying, its a very complex taste, result of a very special process.
The grapes, after being meticulously selected, are dried on racks in a shady, well ventilated area more than two months, crushed making sure to separate the skins from the must (that is too sweet).

It is from this process derives the name sciacchetrà, in the Ligurian dialect means “crushes before anyone else” (sciacàa means “crush”).

It seems that the first to coin the name Sciacchetrà was the impressionist painter Telemaco Signorini, who remembering summers spent in the 5 Terre wrote:


«in September, after the harvest, they lie the best grapes in the sun to get the sciaccatras»

The Sciacchettrà is suitable to accompany some types of desserts such as sweet rolls Genoese or spongata Sarzana, but also foreign desserts like sponge Reims spices. The combination with the desserts, however, is not recommended if the wine is more than 5 years of aging, then the best way to appreciate it is to taste it alone and enjoy the unique sensations offering.